My Puppy

On my puppy’s sleepy
spotted belly
the sun connects her dots.

Her rear legs tricycle.
Her pink muzzle-
of-a-velvet touch

Beads with milk;
a stifle; an eye
swims under its lid.

As her brother’s tongue
takes her ear up
like a blossom’s petal.

By-Aum Shubham, Class-X


The Sunflower

Hi ! Friends !! I want to tell you
about the sunflower I found
on the sidewalk yesterday.
It is flaccid and bent and striking
and knows it.

I want to age like that,
never forgetting my own beauty,
never forgetting how to say flourish.

By-Siddhi Sankalpa, Class-IX

My Mother

Mother! Mother!! There’s no one like you another,

No matter how much do I bother,

Your patience, your love and care.

No one can match those qualities-I challenge and dare!

You taught me to walk the difficult path, without losing heart!

You taught me tolerance,honesty,uprighteousness and care,

I try to imbibe them in every little way,

Maa..Your smile and concern makes my day !

By-Ankita Dagara, Class-VIII


What would you call home?

They say it’s a safe haven

A place filled with memories of laughter

A shell of confidence, love and hope

A place to express those caged emotions

But that’s not home for some, never was

For some, it holds secrets darker than the night sky

It holds a constant fear of rejection, betrayal

It holds danger in every step taken

It’s not home for the girl hiding in her closet

As she awaits the arrival of a drunk stranger

A stranger she calls dad,

It’s not for the boy wanting to run away

As he watches his parents fight

And give up on the family they once were

It’s not for the wife staying up at night

Praying with tears, convincing herself

That the man she loves isn’t capable of adultery

It’s not home as he pulls into the driveway

Only to be showered with unending complaints

Rather than the harmony they lived in

All these people out there

For them I whisper a silent prayer

Hoping that one day,

Their homes might shine a bit brighter

That their homes might be worth going back to.

By: Nishka Mishra, Class-XI

The Question

When a cheerful stream erupts,

From the lap of the mountains,

It knows not the length of its journey,

Before it mingles with the colossal sea.

When the meandering cloud rises,

From the bosom of the blue sea,

It isn’t aware where it will sprinkle its love,

And who will regale and smile at its touch.

With certain questions,

It’s better that they remain unanswered,

For they make the journey,

More meaningful and interesting.

It’s only time

Which can respond,

To the questions unanswered,

That keep emanating,

In the crevices and crannies of the mind.

By: Arpit Mohanty, Class-IX


As beautiful as the sunset,

As white as snow,

You shine like a new jewellery set,

And other things you may not know.

Your smile can turn the worst to the best,

Your hug makes me feel blessed,

Your soft palms when run over my forehead,

Makes me feel de-stressed.

And of course, your pink lips

When touch my chubby cheeks,

Makes me forget all my difficulties.

But you sad face makes me cry,

And the pain you keep within yourself,

Makes me toss and turn in grief.

Remember mom, I will always be by your side,

Please don’t ever give up or shed a tear.

By: Anisha Palei, Class-IX

Just Like This

I can’t thank you enough

For being in my life,

You’ve always helped me strive,

You’re the reason, for which I smile,

When I’m with you walking a mile,

The journey simply takes a while.

You said promises are meant to be broken,

But you’ve never once let me down,

You treat me with love and care,

As you croon the threads of my precious song.

Let’s run along the meadows,

And chase the morning sun.

Sometimes I wish that,

You were with me from dusk till dawn.

I know I can count on you,

And you know you can too.

Just make another promise,

There won’t be an end to this,

And we will be ourselves,

Just like this…

By: Bidisha Dash, Class-IX

Women the Beautiful Creation of God

SAIoneers excelled in the inter house elocution competition conducted for Class VI to VIII, on the topic ‘Woman the most beautiful creation of God’. The short listed participants from the various preliminary rounds expressed their views confidently in their choice of selected languages – Hindi, Odia, Sanskrit, French and English, as their medium of communication.
They spoke about the contribution of women in our society, various roles played by them in a person’s life and also the new dimensions they are exploring like being an astronaut, CEO of big companies, successful entrepreneurs, along with balancing the life between family and work.

Dance & Music

Everything in the Universe has rhythm. Music is the shorthand of emotions and dancers are the messengers of the Gods. They are wonderful forms of art, not restricted by language but pure expression of our emotions. The students of Class IV participated in the inter house music competition, and the students of Class V participated in the inter house dance competition. All the performances was well appreciated by the teachers and students.

Spot Painting

Spot Painting competition for Class VI to VIII was conducted where in different topics were given to the students of each class. The various topics provided were Heritage India, Science and Technology, and India in 2050. The students enthusiastically participated in this interesting and imaginative painting session with wonderful depictions of monuments of historical importance, scientific knowledge combined with technology, and depicting a futuristic India. The teachers appreciated all the students for their great piece of art and creativity.