Your Turn Meeting

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less,” – Marie Currie

The Going Global Club of SAI International School conducted the ‘Your Turn ‘Meeting with our partner Round Square School from Japan, Jr. & Sr. High School of Kogakuin University located in Tokyo after the Winter Holiday.  A  group of 10 students and teachers met for about one hour to wish each other Happy New Year and talk about their New Year’s Resolutions, following a very interactive and healthy discussion. Students from both countries agreed that they should continue working on the personal skills they had built during the Pandemic while adding new skills.

It was only fitting to see the students of both schools discussing on various dimensions of this unprecedented situation: how the corona virus outbreak is affecting their daily lives, how we can all help one another during the crisis and what thoughts and stories on the term “social distancing” conjures for them, ultimately they wish Corona could just disappear the way it had arrived.

The SAIONEERs discussed on several insights and learnings of the year gone by and how one should actual begin this year and how things will shape up in 2021? There was a discussion on the possibility of extinction of COVID 19 for erasing all past wrongs of the world and understanding each other’s countries and cultures better.

The Japanese school went on to share their New Year’s Resolutions which included expanding knowledge, learning a new hobby, making new friends from other countries and becoming more confident. Students from both countries agreed that they should continue working on the personal skills they had built during the Pandemic while adding new skills. This meeting was truly delightful and it was wonderful seeing our friends from Japan after so many days was extremely joyful.

Speaking on the event, Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder SAI International Education Group states “ We must build in resilience and capability in all our young learners to be able to face any future calamity for uninterrupted learning ”. He was very happy that students from both schools interacted and had a chance to address their concerns while being located across different countries and different time zones.

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SAI International School Re-opening

“To begin, begin” – William Wordsworth

SAI International School resumed classes for students of Classes X and XII on Friday,January 8, 2021.After a gap of nine months as schools have reopened in the state, in compliance with State Government SOPs. The students were naturally brimming with excitement to be able to see their friends and teachers after a very long gap of many months. The vibrant energy and positivity was clearly visible on the faces of each and every student, teachers and staff .The long await was finally over, post-pandemic schools received back the actual treasures our school our SAIoneers.

The students were very impressed to be welcomed back to school with such neat absolute protocol adherence, in the post-pandemic situation. Students really appreciated the manner in which the arrangements had been done by the  school keeping the safety and security concern in mind. To bring in sweetness in beginning back again, students were handed chocolates and under complete vigilance guided to their respective classrooms. The strict instruction of keeping distance from other students and admission of not more than 20 students in a classroom was ensured by school authorities.

 Digital thermometer readings to measure the body temperature, for all students, teachers and staff, were taken at the entrance of the school, mandatory as per govt. guidelines. The re-opening was approached in a staggered manner, with multiple checkpoints to take precautionary measures, as required. Strict protocols were followed for students from wearing masks, washing hands at frequent intervals to mandatory social distancing, almost giving a formal colour to their first day in school, as we reopened  today. The transport service too, resumed, buses began to ply students as per the government guidelines. At the time of boarding and exiting the buses, students were put through a rountine temperature check and hand sanitization. The students could resume classes in the school campus only after submitting the consent letters from the parents. The classrooms, corridors and toilets were sanitized every two hours and classes were conducted for limited hours as necessary, as per the Govt guidelines.

Shree Santosh Naik, Block Education Officer, was present at the time of re-opening of the school. He was very happy to note all government advised protocols had been followed strictly by the school authorities, with  proper social distancing being maintained amongst students , wearing masks had been adhered to, sanitizer units had been set up to assist all. He was elated to see students joining back classes so enthusiastically while being welcomed back so warmly by their teachers and the whole atmosphere was very encouraging to one and all.

We look forward for conducting unhindered classes to continue in the best interest of our students, as going forward we hope education doesn’t take a hit, especially with the board exams round the corner, in a post-pandemic scenario. With the Vaccine coming in and all the positivity going around we wish the school opens up completely for all its Students and the school misses each of its SAIoneers around.

Dr.Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder and Mentor of SAI International was elated to welcome the SAIoneers of classes X and XII. He said that, “The school is finally open and we are ready to overcome all hurdles and function the way we did pre-pandemic. We are hopeful that we will be able to enlighten each mind with the Power of Education”.


SAI International School and SAI International Residential School had an overwhelming response from our Ex-SAIoneers to our 2020 Alumni Virtual Reunion, which was held on December 26, 2020. The Reunion was a highly successful event with a  wonderful welcome address by Sr.  Principal, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, who was ecstatic to welcome the participants to the virtual meet.

SAI International Education Group is the illuminatinating sun that provides its alumni with the light that radiates from within, to serve humanity. SAI International School and SAI International Residential School, has grown into one of the finest educational schools in India. SAI strives to maintain links and connections with and amongst its ‘global family.’ The alumni were invited to explore the newly launched Alumni Portal to maintain their ties with their alma matter. We hope to keep our ties connected with information about current developments at SAI and to facilitate such alumni reunions and networking going forward. Finding out on all the good that all his SAIoneers are doing , left him very happy, and he went on to encourage them by saying “The greatest glory of happiness comes from small joys, and one must be value centric in approach and contribute towards betterment of the under privileged in society”

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder of SAI International Educational Group was extremely overjoyed to meet so many our  Ex-SAIoneers after a very long time. He had a truly deep personal connect recollecting many heartfelt instances from memory lane by quoting names with incidents. Many accepted that Dr. Sahoo’s personal touch of guidance has left an everlasting imprint in their hearts and minds. It was amazing to hear the testimonies of the Alumni, reminiscing the nostalgic moments spent on campus as students, the institution was truly home away from home. The interaction garnered around updates on how their  lives have shaped up and  how much SAI has contributed to help shape their personalities, dreams and lives. Dr. Sahoo was moved to tears, couple of times on hearing from many of the young turks about their love for the institution first hand. It was nothing short of a true homecoming.

The event concluded on a very high note with a vote of thanks from our Headmaster Shree Amitabh Aghnihotri.

Founder, SAI International Education Group, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo Bestowed with QCI Quality Champion Award 2020

“This award is an affirmation of the manifestation of my endeavors to give the best to society and provide quality education to each child. It has furthered my mission to bring about a prolific transformation in the education sector”.Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo

SAI International Education Group is privileged to announce that Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder, SAI International Education Group has been bestowed with the most coveted 2nd QCI Quality Champion Award 2020 for his perfection of processes and dedication to quality education in an online ceremony held on Thursday, December 17, 2020.  The award was conferred by Shri Sunil Mathur, Chairman, NBQP and MD & CEO, Siemens, India for Dr. Sahoo’s relentless efforts to facilitate Bhubaneswar in becoming the K-12 education hub in Eastern India and his contribution towards innovation, digital technology and scientific temperament. The award was endowed for Dr Sahoo being instrumental in shaping the society by his philanthropic benevolence towards the under privileged Schools and under privileged members of society. He has been recognised both nationally and internationally with numerous awards and accolades for steering leadership and entrepreneurial values and exemplary services to society.

Dignitaries present in the virtual award ceremony were Shri Hari Krishna Taneja, Trustee of DL Shah, Shri S.M Pathania, Trustee of DL Shah Trust, Prof R.K. Kotnala, Chairman NABL and Raja Ramanna Fellow, Dept. Atomic Energy, Shri C.K Biswas, CEO NBQP and Dr R.P. Singh, Secretary General –QCI.

After receiving the coveted award, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo very humbly thanked 2nd QCI Quality Champion Award 2020 and said, “This award is an affirmation of the manifestation of my endeavors to give the best to society and provide quality education to each child. It has furthered my mission to bring about a prolific transformation in the education sector”.

QCI Quality Champion Award aims to honor outstanding individuals who have demonstrated significant contribution in the field of quality in terms of outstanding promotional activities, innovation in approach, effective application of quality tools etc. in any sector.

SAI International Observes International Day of Persons with Disability

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”- Scott Hamilton

The International Day of persons with disabilities was observed in SAI International School with great spirit and reverence.

 “Lets embrace differences & celebrate diversity” according to Dr Shruti Mohapatra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Swabhiman. The leading crusader for disability rights, Dr. Sruti Mohapatra’s relentless struggle and never-say-die-attitude have been a source of huge inspiration for all those who are facing discrimination delivered an enlightening and encouraged  equity and equality to be maintained with all.

The day was observed virtually in which almost 450 participants from SAI International School ,SAI International Residential school and 18 schools from the Round Square schools from across the world like Japan, India,Srilanka,Bangla Desh,UAE and Uganda who participated with equal enthusiasm.

The Day was meticulously planned by the students of Going Global club, Interact club and the students of SIRS and also hosted entirely by the student organizers. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr Shruti Mohapatra, Inclusive expert and the founder of Swabhiman and the key note speaker was Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, founder and mentor of SAI International Education group.

A wonderful quiz session was conducted by Asif Momin, consultant from Swabhiman in which students from SAI and Round square schools participated with great interest. The last part of the event was packed with activities like drawing without using hands, learning sign languages etc and also a christmas celebration with the appearance of Santa Claus, to conclude the event with a happy note.

Dr Shruti Mohapatra presented a very informative yet touching presentation which touched every heart. She spoke about the importance of people with disabilities across the world and shared how they are at par with any normal person. She showed some short videos to prove that these special people can be far better than any person without any impairment.

We are often arrested by our individual attitudinal disability, which dissuades us from acknowledging the needs of another. The truth is we must be sensitized to welcome persons with disabilities as a differentently person and across schools, institutes, government forums, offices It is not sympathy, rather empathy with mindfulness with right attitudinal change, empathy can be created. She speaks passionately as she describes how inclusive education should be a prime focus for schools.

The Key note Speaker Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo said that disabilities could be in body or mind. Through a video he emphasized that many people have disabilities in their minds, attitudes which is very harmful to the nation and humanity in specific. Dr Sahoo asked the students if we should sympathise on the persons having impairments or create opportunities for them. He expressed his satisfaction on the attitudes of the Saioneers who are very positive towards the children who are less privileged or disabled. He also said that It is not celebrating disabilities but understanding it. Everyone should do something which will make you proud by giving opportunities and including people with impairments as your equal .Create awareness and even force everyone including the media and the Government to extend opportunities to these special people.

The question and answer session with Dr Shruti Mohapatra was also interesting with very relevant and pertinent questions from the student participants  to which Dr Mohapatra answered with ease and her happy smiles.

“Disability of mind is worse than disability of body.”, according to Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder and Mentor, SAI International Education Group. He added, let us not advocate conscious disability, force and ensure government, media to create opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

Heartspeak Guidance by Krishnasis

Krishnasis Dash delivered an alumni talk with SAIoneers on Dec 19, 2020 He states, it is important to eliminate of uncertainties of mind and remain goal oriented. The job of a doctor would be so demanding, hence it is better to identify a zone to decompress  and bounce back into action again. Krishnasis’s own brush with pain in his own growing up years, made him realize he would like to be a doctor when he grows up. Krishnasis states it is the student’s choice to join or not join coaching classes yet he lays strong emphasis on appearing for competitive exams. He earnestly answered and addressed all the questions put forth to him. . He shared his own insights in the most simplistic and engaging manner to truly benefit the students. He mentioned SAI International school gave him a highly competitive environment and group studies helped him immensely during his preparations.

Being a medical student it will involve working harder than you’ve ever worked in your life, chances are as per Krishnasis, it’ll also involve having more fun than you’ve ever had before. There are plenty of off-putting myths about being a medical student, but in reality it’s enjoyable, interesting and highly rewarding, especially in light of what you’re working towards.

Studying medicine comes with a certain expectation to work harder on average than most other students. There are generally more contact hours than other subjects with practicals and lectures taking up a great deal of time. Of course it’s not just the contact hours when you are working: lecture notes need to be read over, essays have to be written, practicals should be prepared for and keeping on top of it all can be a challenge. 

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder SAI International Group recollected on the diligent hard work put in by Krishnasis back then that led him to realize his dream of being a doctor.

SAI International School highly appreciates the career guiding  approach that  he undertook during the session by sharing extremely valuable tips on scheduling study hours, time and stress management.SAI International School wishes him all the very best for all his future endeavors.

Samvidhan Diwas Celebration at SAI International School

“Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.” – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

The dawn of Thursday, November 26, 2020 brought with it, it’s own share of importance as SAI International School geared up to commemorate the Constitution Day of India on a virtual forum. Various activities such as quiz, poster making, role play, presentations and group discussions were conducted over the week.

It commenced with the Pledge taking ceremony, followed by reading of Preamble in line with our Hon’ble Prime Minister’s ‘Reading out the Preamble of the Constitution’ at 11 am, on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Students participated with great enthusiasm.

On Day 2 while students from Classes VI to VIII were engrossed in preparing pamphlets, Class IX students started the day with pictorial illustrations through their posters on our 11 Fundamental Duties as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. Students of Class X discussed on the topic ‘Need to remember our Fundamental Duties as we remember our Fundamental Rights’. Students responded enthusiastically over the events as they were in a position to appreciate the inter-dependence between the Fundamental Duties and Rights enshrined in the Constitution for a law-abiding citizen of the country.

The Indian Constitution is the supreme law of our country. It is studied under Indian Polity and Governance that deals with a wide range of topics such as the development of the Constitution, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles, etc. On Day 3, Classes IX & X students were able to brush their general knowledge and general awareness via an online quiz program. Students from classes VI to VIII were involved in role play activity, playing the roles of the great leaders of our country, who had a great contribution in framing our Constitution.

On Day 4, students from Classes VIII to X exchanged lesser known facts about our Constitution as a tool for information interchange which amazed everyone. Classes VI & VII students participated in drafting constitution for their own classroom.

On the 5th day, Children from Classes IX & X presented their ideas and understanding of history and facts associated with the finest nuances of Indian Flag, National Anthem and National Emblem through colourful power point presentation. It acted as a ready reckoner amongst their friends. Class VI- VIII expressed their ideas & understanding about Constitution & Fundamental Duties by means of logo.

People of India are the ultimate custodians of our Constitution. Constitution Day of India is celebrated to create awareness on the importance of Indian Constitution and promote constitution values among citizens.

Business World Top Education Brands Award 2020 for SAI International School

“Awards and ceremonies are all an applause of discipline.” – Sunday Adelaja

Business World bestowed the coveted ‘School of the Year Award’, under the K12 School category on SAI International School during an online ceremony held on Saturday, November 28, 2020. This recognition earns the School an elite place in the Business World Top Education Brands Club. Adding to its joy, SAI International Residential School received the Leading Residential Schools in India Award 2020 under the category of Residential School.

SAI International School was shortlisted for excelling in parameters like Growth in Academic Excellence, Sports, Learning Outcomes, Teachers Training, Parents and Community Perception, Community Outreach and other Awards received.

Founder and Mentor SAI International, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo graciously thanked the Jury and said, ‘the award is definitely a ray of motivation in the challenging times’. He added that ‘we are not just a School but a centre of human transformation’.

Amidst this pandemic, SAI International School continued its relentless effort to ensure quality education of its students both in scholastics and co-scholastics areas. The School as a team is painstakingly taking every step to provide a strong framework for successful learning, enabling children to align with the constantly changing world. This year it won several awards in recognition for its laudable endeavour. 

Humble Offering

“Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” Randy Pausch

The Safai Sevaks of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) have been working relentlessly and dedicatedly inspite of the pandemic. Undeterred by the fear of infection, these frontline workers are taking every step to keep our surroundings clean.

As a token of appreciation, the Founder and Mentor of SAI International Education Group, Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo distributed food packets to the BMC Safai Sevaks on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Thanking the COVID Warriors, Dr. Sahoo said, ‘the work done by the Safai Sevaks is truly commendable and I humbly thank them for their selfless effort’.

Earlier on Saturday, April 25, 2020, to acknowledge and appreciate the praiseworthy work of the Safai Sevaks during COVID 19 pandemic, SAI International family was privileged to gift a towel each, along with dry food items like flattened rice, sugar, semolina, biscuits and bathing soap to more than 70 Safai Sevaks of Ward No 6. We humbly salute the services rendered by our BMC SafaivSevaks.

Career Talk @ SAI

“Study abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world” – Chantal Mitchell

‘Learning requires humility & humility is the key to success’, said Dr. Sudhansu Sarangi, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack during the SAI Career Talk held on Thursday, November 26, 2020. He provided valuable advice on how to effectively prepare for higher education in foreign universities. Talking to the students he said ‘what choice you make today will stay with you for the next 30 to 40 years’ and so one needs to make a judicious decision on time.

He gave an overview of the advantages of pursuing undergraduate courses in renowned universities in places like UK and USA, as many of them come within 1000 ranks in the World University Rankings. He spoke about how students are prepared methodically to make them job ready while doing their undergraduate course.

Delineating the life in a foreign university, he said that apart from concentrating on academics, one should also focus on personality development, leadership ability, communication skills, creativity and develop team spirit. He urged the students to develop a love for reading and become voracious readers, accumulating as much knowledge as possible. He urged them to become self-reliant, learning to do their own work, so as to make their life easier in abroad universities.

Dr. Sarangi congratulated SAI International School for becoming the No.1 School of India. He asked the students not to think themselves just as students of the school but as real ambassadors of the school who carry its core values as they go abroad to study. Dr. Sarangi answered to numerous queries posed by the students of SAI International.

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder and Mentor, SAI International thanked Dr. Sarangi for dealing upon the practical aspects of studying in foreign universities, which is very significant in students’ life.

Your Turn Meeting with Japan and Uganda

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Mead

Your Turn is a collaborative meeting held between students of SAI International School, Jr. & Sr. Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan and Gombe Online School (GES), Uganda on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. These inter-cultural exchange meetings are conducted regularly with various partner schools across the globe, to promote understanding and respect for each other’s culture and nurture students towards becoming global citizens.

This week the topic discussed was on father-daughter relationships and how they vary in different countries. As a whole teenagers tend to dislike their fathers as they step into their teens. It was interesting to see how the relationship between fathers and daughters differed from country to country. Five basic questions were asked including what do you think of your father? Do you always love your father? What are some of the disagreements you and your father have? Who is more strict, your mother or father? What different pressures and expectations do the girls have in the family unit placed on them by their fathers? 

This topic was selected to help one of the Class X participants from Japan School, who is collecting data from all over the world on this topic for her thesis paper. The first presentation was by the Japanese students. Apparently teenagers in Japan are not very close to their fathers and often find them annoying and overbearing, always asking too many questions. Fathers in Japan don’t understand this sudden shift or the apparent rift. Uganda students spoke about their culture and how their fathers held the highest position in the family and had the last word so if your father said no then the answer was NO. This sort of authoritarianism caused problems between teenage girls and their fathers. They also said that the respect they had for their father often came from fear. India had a slightly different take. They said that they do have disagreements with their fathers but they are resolved quickly and that most just wanted to make their fathers happy and proud of them. The overall consensus was that even though teenagers often do not get along with their fathers all the teenage girls agreed that they loved their fathers very much and they liked spending time with them.

It turned out to be a wonderful global conversation that overcame many stereotypes about fathers and daughters and it was interesting to hear each country’s perspective. Mahiro also shared a google survey form and asked everyone to fill it out, which the students did with great sincerity. 

SAI Career Talk – Three Myths around Liberal Arts

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

The SAI Career Talk was delivered by Ms. Hansa Sachdeva, Director Admissions and Financial Aid, Ahmedabad University on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, on the topic ‘Three myths around Liberal Studies’. She explained about various undergraduate courses in Humanities, Social Science, Science, Management, Commerce and Engineering as well as guided the students on how to learn through interdisciplinary academics and real-life experiences that traverse these intersections.

Liberal Education empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change as well as provides students with broad knowledge of the wider world. She said each degree programme provides students the opportunity to craft their own learning across disciplines and create their own academic pathway. She also highlighted on Research programmes available at the University.

SAI International School believes in bringing about a meaningful change in the lives of its students by constantly guiding them to pursue the right path. Simultaneously, the school takes care to identify and understand the area of expertise of the students as well as motivates them for self reflection to assess their own strength and weakness. This gives them the ability to weigh options before taking any decisions and also inspires the children to gain a better control over their life in order to move ahead successfully. 

SAI Alumni Talk by Alumnus Tanmay Pani

“If necessity is the mother of invention, scientifically developed production is the mother of scientific research.”Arthur Edwin Kennelly

Alumnus Tanmay Pani delivered the SAI Alumni Talk on Saturday, November 21, 2020. The talented boy from the Class of 2015 is presently pursuing PhD in Nuclear Physics at Rutgers University, USA. He has completed his BS-MS in Physics from NISER, Bhubaneswar.

Tanmay briefed the students on the significance of Scientific Research especially in Physics. He said ‘any scientific pursuit begins with a question and experiment is the truth no matter how strong the theory is’. His specialization is in Experimental Particle Physics or High Energy Nuclear Physics. His work mostly involves analyzing data from big collider experiments.

The brilliant outlined the process of undertaking a research work like asking a question, doing background research, constructing a hypothesis, testing with an experiment, if it matches with hypothesis then analyzing data and drawing conclusions. He also spoke doing research work at Brookhaven National Lab, which is home to seven Nobel Laureates and many more awardees.

Tanmay advised the young students to make friends with people of equal mindsets so as to make the journey of life more meaningful. He thanked SAI International School for helping him shape his personality and make him a confident learner. He praised the school for creating thinkers, who never shy away from asking questions. Founder and Mentor Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo recalled some cherished moments with Tanmay and said that the boy has always been a deep thinker and his interest in physics was evident from his school days. He blessed Tanmay for a glorious future. 

SAI Alumni Talk with Alumnus Siddharth Chinmay

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”.Colin Powell

Learning is a lifelong process believes SAI International alumnus Siddharth Chinmayfrom the Class of 2016. He delivered SAI Alumni Talk on Saturday, November 7, 2020 to the students of class IX and above.  His highly humble and informative presentation and talk made the students understand the value of hard work, persistence, and focus on dreams. His talk enticed the students to interact with him and know more about his journey.

Siddharth is a Googler and currently working as Software Engineer at Google India and is part of the Smart Device Management Team of Google NEST. The talented boy has also interned at places like Samsung R&D, Bangalore and Phoenix Robotix, Bhubaneswar, where he applied the concept of Machine Learning.

Siddharth while addressing the students said that he had never expected to be a part of SAI but he was thankful to the institution for grooming him in the right direction and helping him in achieving his dream career.

Siddharth had secured All India Rank (AIR) 100 in JEE Advanced to bag a seat in Computer Science at IIT Kanpur. He is a recipient of NTSE Scholarship, secured AIR 35 in NEST (2016) for NISER and Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai, secured 99.23 percentile in AIIMS entrance (2016) and 99.71 percentile in NEET (2016). A short profile of Siddharth is attached to help you know more about him.

SAI Alumni Talk endeavors to pave a way for interaction between our alumni and our current batch of SAIoneers, to inspire our students to dream big and achieve their dreams. It is a brilliant medium for the students to interact with seniors of the school who have paved their way to success and widen the learning horizon.

SAI Career Talk

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” Roy T. Bennett

College Admission counseling is the first and most important step leading to a proper gateway to ones dream University. Admission counselors have the latest data about the criteria, acceptance rates and team expectations relating to admission. A good college admissions counselor can help you find schools that fit you, identify dream/match/safety schools, complete your financial aid, craft strong school-specific application essays, and help manage anxiety and stress.

SAI Career Talk was delivered by Sarthak Yadav, Co-Founder & President, VYBeS Education Pvt. Ltd., and Vishvesh Bhat, Co-Founder & CEO, VYBeS Education Pvt. Ltd., on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. The Resource persons guided the senior secondary students of SAI International School and SAI International Residential School on how to apply for Universities in the U.S.A, Canada and the United Kingdom. They also gave an overview on how COVID 19 had changed the application process temporarily including its effects on granting of visas.

VYBeS was started in 2019 by Vishvesh and Sarthak, both students at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), to provide online college admission counseling. It allows students to book career counseling sessions, helping them with selection of colleges, writing college essays and SOPs, prepare them for interviews and provide knowledge about the visa application process.

SAI International School had initiated the online SAI Career Talk for the development of the potential career of the students. Through the programme it introduces students to important resources and skills necessary for a successful job in the future as well as aid them in managing and adapting to the transition from High School to University seamlessly. The Career Talk guides and empowers students in making informed and responsible choices on the learning, occupations, career goals and other aspects of life.

Curriculum and Beyond – Travel Pictures

“Children are the Priority. Change is the Reality. Collaboration is the Strategy.” – Judith Billings

Internationalism is a core component of the SAI International curriculum. As part of the ISA project of British Council, UK, 30 students and teachers from Gombe High School, Uganda, St. Anthony’s Girls College, Sri Lanka and SAI International School, India had an online session on Friday, October 9, 2020.

Students shared some favorite travel pictures capturing the scenic beauty and culture of their respective countries. They presented about their favourite Travel Pictures. The students from Uganda presented pictures with Victoria Lake and the Nile River located in Uganda. Hansel from Gombe High School also spoke about and showed pictures of his trip to the USA specifically Disneyland.

The students from Sri Lanka shared several family pictures to different destinations and even pictures of baby elephants bathing at an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka. They also showed pictures of two tigers at a tiger sanctuary located close to the city at Kandy. The Going Global Club member’s presented their favorite scenic pictures from different places from India. They even displayed pictures of the horrific Cyclone Fani that took place in May 2019 and showed the immense destruction that took place all over the state of Odisha.

The participating students also spoke about the shared pictures. The highly informative and interactive session was an extensive display of various places from across the globe.

SAI Alumni Talk by Alumna Sonali Sharma

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

SAI Alumni Talk endeavors to pave a way for interaction between our alumni and our current batch of SAIoneers, to inspire them to dream big and achieve their dreams. It is a brilliant medium for you to interact with your seniors and learn from their experiences. You will know directly from them the processes to get into the fields and areas of your interest. These sessions will not only widen your knowledge horizon but also your career prospects.

Alumna Sonali Sharma from the Class of 2012 delivered the SAI Alumni Talk on Saturday, October 17, 2020. The former Head Girl of SIS had pursued her BA, LLB from National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bengaluru and later joined Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co as an Associate. The young girl has a broad and in-depth Internship experience in prestigious Law firms and under the mentorship of renowned personalities.

She provided valuable advice to the students from Classes IX to XII from SIS and SIRS on different areas of expertise in Law, on how to prepare for various Law entrance examinations and on key attributes of becoming a successful lawyer. She shared her three mantras of success like faith in self, making the right choice and seeking help without hesitation.

Thanking her Chairman Sir, ‘Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Sonali said, ‘You pushed me to my best potential’. She thanked her alma mater for inculcating the timeless values that helped her to propel ahead with confidence in life.

The all-rounder Sonali achieved State Rank 3 in Commerce stream, in Class XII Board exam and was the recipient of the Emerging Global SAIoneer Award. The humble and enterprising girl was also a sports enthusiast and a graceful Kathak dancer.

Global Ayurveda

“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means.” – David Frawley

SAI International School believes in promoting healthy life styles in students and teachers. As part of the ISA project of British Council, students were introduced to how people in other countries contribute to their health. Students from Jr. & Sr. High School of Kogakuin University, Japan and Mackay’s Memorial College, Uganda joined our SAIoneers to learn about different herbal and home remedies from each other’s countries.

SAI students researched and shared about some interesting home remedies made from herbal plants of India to make facial scrubs, face washes and oils used and applied on hair to keep it strong and healthy.

Similarly Japanese students discussed about ‘Kampo’, a traditional medicine. It works on the concept that the human body and mind are inseparable and the balance of physical and mental health is highly crucial. The students from Uganda discussed on the healing properties of many plants.

As part of the project, a classroom activity was conducted where videos and PPTs were shared with 120 biology students of Classes XI & XII. Students shared plants from their home gardens and explained their medicinal benefits. A common plant found was Aloe Vera, Avocado and Lemon. Students found Kampo interesting and asked many questions about the slides. They were encouraged to use this information as part of their practical work on medicinal plants.


Cognitive Exchange Program at SAI

“Public Speaking is the art of giving power to words – to influence, inspire and transform lives”. – Dirish

SAI International School collaborated with Cognitive Exchange (CE), Folsom, USA in 2015 to develop the critical thinking and public speaking skills of SAIoneers. Since then students from Class IX are regularly provided online training.

In 2019, students of Class VI were introduced to the programme which focussed on basic speech. The selected students were given training in Class VII on basic debate and advanced speech. The eight week training commenced on August 5, 2020.

The Cognitive Exchange final competition for the basic debate class was held on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. It was participated by a group of 13 students from Class VII, who attended a series of 8 classes in 8 weeks time. These students were trained by the CE trainer Ms. Raha Elahi on the curriculum of basic debate in the Global format. Conducted by CE Folsom, USA, the program was immensely beneficial for the students as they learnt a different format of debating along with learning to articulate skilfully and confidently.

Grandparents Day Celebrations 2020

“Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, and a little warmer.”

As an initiative to rouse a sublime yet warm bond between the gen-next and the old, SAI International School celebrated Grandparents Day on Saturday, October 10, 2020. Students from Play Group to Class XII along with their grandparents participated with great joy and enthusiasm.

Held on the theme ‘Golden Days with Grandparents’, the day revived some old memories. The virtual celebration began with an introductory-cum-talent hunt round wherein all the elderly guests introduced themselves by chanting hymns, singing songs, sharing interesting episodes from their life.  It was an enthralling moment for all, as the grandparents went down the memory lane and the child in them was elated. The elderly people recalled some memorable incidents of their grandchildren and the children shared the innumerable ways in which their grandparents put up with their tantrums.

As it was a virtual celebration, grandparents could easily join in from miles away. The kids put on their best effort to make the day memorable through handmade cards, heartfelt poems, lovely dance, sincere words and a series of fun games made the day indeed special. Some students made quite brilliant efforts to connect to their Grandparents virtually and link them to the ongoing celebrations. In the course, their successful attempts to make the old generation tech-savvy were noteworthy.